Individual Therapy

What to expect...

The Assessment Phase (1-3 sessions) 
The first 1-3 sessions are set aside so that I can take a thorough history to get a better understanding of who you are, and what you are hoping to get out of the therapy process. This allows time for you to make sure I am the “right fit” for you and for me to make sure I can assist you in reaching your therapy goals. During this time, I may also make referrals to other treatment providers who may also assist us in reaching your therapy goals (i.e., primary care physician, OBGYN, dietician, or psychiatrist). 

The Working Phase (3-6 months)
During the working phase we will meet weekly or bi-weekly to work together towards making change. This period of time can vary depending on your therapy needs and we can discuss this as therapy progresses. During this time we will focus on increasing understanding, self-awareness, and enhancing current strategies for coping and I will teach you new strategies for coping. This phase is geared towards creating understanding, self awareness, and helping you
feel better, otherwise known as “symptom relief.” 

The Support Phase (3-6 months or as needed) 
We enter the support phase when you are feeling better, but would still like support and encouragement to integrate your new coping skills and new way of being or feeling into your daily life. During this phase, we will discuss your life stressors, family, relationship issues, work related issues, so we can problem solve the best way to handle these issues and maintain a positive sense of wellbeing. During the support phase, we may meet less frequently (bi-weekly or once monthly).